Reasons Why Luxury Hotels Score Over Budget Hotels

Reasons Why Luxury Hotels Score Over Budget Hotels


 When it comes to quenching your wanderlust, besides a grand sightseeing experience you need a great accommodation, too. Your brief stay is largely determined by the hotel you have chosen to serve the desired hospitality right from the moment you enter the stay till the time you bid adieu to the scenic wonders that created a million memories which is beyond the likes and comments on your social media. If you are the one who is ready to splurge not just for your gateway but for a homely comfort too, then luxurious hotels are your biggest bet. Now you might be wondering why you should spend so much for an accommodation.


Reasons Why Luxury Hotels Score Over Budget Hotels

Luxury Hotels


Best-in-class rooms

Budget hotels cater to the needs of sleeping and eating. They generally have a bed with a few pieces of furniture and a television set. They are not targeted to provide service to the business class travellers or travellers who are on a corporate trip. On the other hand, the luxury hotels come with best-in-class rooms with excellent amenities. They also offer decorated suites with high-speed internet, premium entertainment options and many other facilities.


Excellent facilities

Yes, budget hotels have got the business centres, laundry services available. But most of them lack the basic facility of in house dining and drinking- an aspect where luxury hotels score high above the normal hotels. Starting from luxurious spa facilities to banquet rooms, everything is at your doorstep. Luxury hotels also have got a full-fledged restaurant along with a cocktail lounge. Always go for a luxurious hotel if you don’t want to compromise on the luxurious you.


Better Security

Most of the budget hotels are generally located on the outskirts of the city, often at the remotest corners of the towns. In case you are in trouble there will be barely anyone to help you out. Burglary and purse snatching are quite common in those areas which naturally make these hotels unsafe. Whereas, the luxury hotels are located at the heart of the cities with their own security systems. Security is of utmost importance when you are travelling. Moreover if you are travelling solo, it is always better to choose a luxury hotel over a budget one.

Top-Notch Services

Offering very limited services, guests can get a room for a night and that's all. Often you have to go outside to fill your stomach as the food items provided there are not of great quality. Luxury hotels provide a wide range of services such a wake up calls, valet, room services, shuttle, bed turn down, and so on. If you want more consistency while staying, you must opt for a luxury hotel.

Values Matter

If you are a traveller whose attention to details is envied by your friends then you can never adjust to a budget hotel. A cute looking animal or a welcome note as you enter the hotel or a chocolate treat to your kid will always add some values to your subtle sense of luxury. A traveller for the love of coffee can never do without a coffee machine in the bedroom. I guess you get the drift.

Loyalty Perks

Off course, the topmost luxury hotels always provide special perks which are missing in budgeted hotels. A hotel credit, complimentary breakfast and other amenities are available exclusively at the luxurious hotels.       


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