How to Respond to The Most Unusual Guest Request

How to Respond to The Most Unusual Guest Request


Staying in a hotel is one of the most luxurious feelings ever, where staffs serve their best to ensure complete comfort and leisure. But at times that may not be enough to fulfill guest expectations or needs. This is when they make special or extra requests.

Requests made by the guests


Making requests and fulfilling them is the work of the staffs but some people take that to a whole new level. Requesting for extra towels, shampoo, coffee maker or extra bed may do not seem too crazy, but some people take it a bit far. So, what are those bizarre requests which the guests make and want them to be fulfilled by the hotel staff?

Before we go to the unusual part, let us see the special requests made by the guests.

Special guest requests

At the time of the reservations, the guests offer some special requests so that their stay becomes more comfortable.

  • Extra beds
  • Baby cot
  • Extra shampoo
  • Charging adaptor
  • Extra towels
  • Extra pillows
  • Baby-sitting service
  • Rooms with preferred views
  • Left luggage facility
  • Non-smoking room

Now let us go to the part where guests make the most unusual requests ever!

Bizarre requests made by the guests


The most unusual requests made by the guests to the hotel staffs are mentioned below.

  • Facility for exotic pets
  • Practice room for the musicians if any in the hotel
  • Permission to keep arms inside the hotel
  • Masseuse in the room
  • Room converted to a hospital bed
  • Rooms without magnetic field
  • A special kitchen where meals are prepared for pilgrims
  • Special TV channels during sports or reality shows
  • Practice ground for sports team

Ways to handle those requests

  • Listen to them to understand the fact.
  • You can probe into the needs by asking them questions to get clear about the requirement.
  • Explain what you can do or offer in an alternative.
  • Confirm with the guest if the solution is given will be satisfactory or not.
  • Use positive words to explain them gently.

Guests are the reason behind which the hotel performs, so any request from them must be fulfilled. This will give them the utmost satisfaction in the services provided by the hotel.

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