Focus on the Hygiene Before Booking a Hotel

Focus on the Hygiene Before Booking a Hotel


“Precaution is the cure today”

In the present day, with the trending public awareness of Corona Virus, each one should be alarmed of the precautions. It is the need of the hour to prioritize hygiene. Not only in this time of health crisis, but also at all times. It is something we often neglect. Molten by the fancies of outer, we should also consider the cleanliness and hygiene from within before booking a hotel. This is a part of the awareness program and the basic addition to our knowledge. Our health is on our hands. There are many hotels in Siliguri taking care and giving special attention to its cleanliness and sanitation.

Why is it important to check the hygiene of the hotel?

We often tend to overlook this very important factor. Before booking for hotels in Siliguri, you must crosscheck the clean and purity of the place. The many reasons related to it.

  • Keeps you away from infections, allergies and other such ailments
  • You can enjoy the best of your stay
  • Maintaining your standard of life
  • Ensure a healthy return free from illnesses

How to check for the hygiene of a hotel?

There are many ways to check if the hotel matches you expectations of hygiene prior to booking it. You can research on the internet, read the reviews and actually check for it yourself.

  • Strict health guidelines followed by the hotels
  • Daily sweeping and moping of the floors and tables
  • Judge the freshness of rooms and window panes
  • Special supervision of the hygiene department
  • Toiletries should be unused and packaged
  • Bed sheets and pillow covers should be changed everyday
  • Room service must not hurry to clean the rooms
  • Curtains and furniture should be free of dust
  • The in-house meals should not be stale
  • The restaurant and eating areas must maintain a standard of cleanliness
  • Dishes and tables should be sterilized
  • Regular service of air conditioners

Measures that you can take

Last but not the least, despite all the awareness and maintenance, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your good health. Some tips to follow for taking care of your personal hygiene while staying in hotels.

  • Carry your own towel if possible
  • Carry major part of the toiletries
  • Masks are a very vital part of travelling
  • Use hand sanitizer before consuming anything

Take care of your personal hygiene and promote the idea of hygiene as well. You can also call and ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of a hotel as there are many hotels in Siliguri providing trustworthy service.yb

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