Create a To Do List Before Checking in a Hotel

Create a To Do List Before Checking in a Hotel


Staying hotels are fun and necessary at some point while you are travelling. It is fun because you get almost everything ready at your hand and you don’t have to worry about keeping your room maintained and organised. It is necessary too because you won’t get homely atmosphere everywhere you travel and you have to at times manage with what you get. It is therefore the necessity that makes us do things that we usually don’t do. For example creating a to do list before leaving your place or checking in a hotel makes your day simpler. Although there are exceptions, but most hotels in Siliguri are quite sufficient and include a lot of amenities that are required for a stay.

Here are the few things that you should add to your check list before entering a hotel:

An extra pair of slippers

Although mostly good hotels in Siliguri provide you with a pair of slippers in your room, if you are with another mate he/she might another one. Also you can use the other pair of slippers in the bathroom and keep the second one for the room.

A towel of your own

Most good hotels provide towels and fresh toiletries, but it becomes a necessity for those who are very particular about their personal hygiene. So for those who like to use their own towel instead of the one given by the hotel authorities, you can carry it with you.

Your own toothbrush

Few 3 star hotels provide with a fresh tooth brush and other toiletries, however, it is impossible for you to know if you are going to get any in the hotel. So it’s always a safer option to carry your own toothbrush with you.

Your own set of body wash and shampoo

Most of the time we use a particular kind of hair and body product that suits our skin type and usage of any other product can cause harmful side effects. So if you are among the lot who special that way, then carry your own kit just to be safe.

Few basic medicines

You never know when you might need a medicine. Especially if you are travelling to some unknown place or some exotic location where there is lack of a proper marketplace then you might just need your medicines to be ready with you because you never know about the medical emergencies that might appear out of thin air.

So these are the basic things that you can add to your to do list before checking in a hotel. Although hotels in Siliguri provide with almost all kinds of necessary items, it is always better to be prepared for the worst.

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